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Cuisines & Concepts -the catering arm of Fio- prides itself on delivering exceptional events with an emphasis on innovative conceptualization, while maintaining service standards, with a repertoire of world cuisines and magnificent presentation.


Established in 1989 by Mr. Vineet Wadhwa, with a passion for food, hospitality and a penchant for perfection, he spearheaded his team to create new benchmarks in catering in Delhi NCR for over 25 years.
The entire enterprise, has lived and grown through many trends, but the priority remains quality of food flavour & smooth service, which is further paired with an inate practice of personalization and reassurance that the team extends to their clients.

Infrastructure & Alliances

With a commissary situated in the heart of South Delhi maintaining an upstanding state of the art infrastructure and equipment, C&C is equipped to handle any gathering upto 5000 pax.
Over the past few decades, the team has crossed paths and worked with multiple associates in the events & entertainment industry. C&C often extends these associations and experiential solutions to their patrons. These include- venues, décor consultants, event planners, photographers, choreographers and entertainment packages among other services.


With a repertoire of world cuisines and fine presentation to please the eye, we work out an eloquent mix of every detail of the event- from food to suit styling.
Especially for personal events- whether it’s an engagement ceremony, a mehendi, a cocktail night or a grand wedding- the vision with which a client romanticises the event, we leave no stone unturned from our end in ensuring that this day is the most memorable day of their lives.
While for other events of varied nature at large, when a brief and trust is placed upon us, the team gets on the role by customizing the event as per the premise and vision of the client.

Headed by the same curator/promoter, FIO was launched in 2009. Ever since, the Fio masterchefs often monitor their cuisines of expertise, i.e- European & Indian, whilst molding restaurant trends into the needs of catering.
The two sister brands have recently collaborated on a few events with a beautiful synergy. They enhance each other and give a fresh outlook with meticulous attention to a varied clientele, when they collaborate. Click here to know more about Fio Restaurants.

- Cuisines -


Kashmiri Wazwaan


Rajasthani & Marwari


Punjabi Dhaba


Malabar & Coastal


Awadhi & Lucknawi


Nizami & Hyderabadi


Indian Street food


Fusion & Contemporary

















- Concepts -

A wedding reception, a vibrant pre-wedding cocktail party, a theme dinner, a fun brunch, a formal sit-down, a business launch, a devotional event or a milestone celebration, the team caters to all kinds of occasions. With a very keen eye for detail while ensuring impeccable and hassle free food, ambience and service.
Imbibing the theme of your choice through every event specific element. Uniforms | Table settings | Accessorization | F&B Display
These are some of the details we carefully look into so as to make the experience an unforgettable and cherished one.

- Team -

The operations of the company are steered by ingenious professionals from thenIndian F&B world along with Masterchefs and Catering Managers with skillsets and experience over decades with some of the finest names in the industry.
Fio and C&C, being sister units constantly work as bouncing boards for each other. The two broadly bifurcated teams work with complete synergy to create a flawless ambience and an experience for clients to revel in for life.
The brand curator is Vineet Wadhwa, MD & CEO, with over 30 years of both, business and hands-on experience in the industry, he has meticulously laid the foundation of the company. He is further supported by Harsha Oberoi, COO C&C, a man for whom the years of operational experience has brought the ease of understanding the customised needs of the clients and deliverability. Trilok Joshi, COO Fio, has mastered the art art & craft of the trade and always brings forth his personable nature to go the extra mile. Deepak Tuli, General Manager, C&C along with his team of managers, butlers and stylists works hand-in- hand with the board of culinary specialists, master chefs, and a large production team.

Vineet Wadhwa
Harsha Oberoi
Trilok Joshi
Deepak Tuli
Chef Pawan

- Testimonials -

“Having worked with all the caterers in Delhi I have to say that when it comes to stylization and attention to detail, C&C is the best you can get.”

---Vinay Mehra, Mehrasons, Lata Greens Farms. 2016

“We were glad that we chose Cuisines & Concepts for our catering. The experience was very pleasant as the food served was delicious matched with attentive and friendly service. I wish them all success.”

---Shashank Warty, General Manager, Leela Hotels. Private Event, 2016.


“If Cuisines & Concepts had not given us a familial comfort in our children’s wedding, we would not have continued our relationship with you for over 15 years. If three different marriages spread over such a long time, our not a testimony to our trust and allegiance; nothing else could ever be. Our lovely spreads come without running menus with you.”

---Ravinder Sharma/Tony Sharma, DLF Gurgaon. Wedding Celebration, 2015.

“Cuisines & Concepts with its authentic flavours, divine presentations, and natural herbs keep my eclectic Bengali passion absolutely content.”

---Liza Verma, Fashion Events, Quintessentially. 2016.


- Preferred Venue Partners -

Lata Greens

Zara Farms

The Pavillion

Shagun Farms

Amaanta Farms

Plaza Farms

Chhabra Farms

Sanskriti Greens

Amara Farms

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